List of all of our Reputed Lawyers

Our team of lawyers, specialized in various fields of international law from business to criminal law that you put into practice benefit from their experiences and expertise in order to find you effective solutions. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal advice and assistance to our clients.

Samaneh Khayatian

Attorney at Law and Legal Advisor Ph.D. of Private Law Adviser in Fields of Real Estate, Family Lawsuits, Insurance Contract (International Trade)

Mohsen Akbari Ahangar

Attorney at Law and Legal Advisor Master of Private Law Adviser in Fields of Real Estate, Family Lawsuits, Insurance Contract (International Trade, Oil & Gas)

Arezoo Rangchian

Experienced Lawyer with a strong history in the legal industry. Specialized in Corporate Law, Commercial Litigation and Concluding Contracts. Strong legal professional with a Ph.D. in International Law and Legal Studies from University of Tehran.

Razmik Dermegerdichian

Professor of International Law, Lawyer and Domestic and International Legal Adviser in the field of real estate, insurance, retirement, immigration affairs and concluding contracts on a domestic and international scale


Professional services Accounting, Taxation, Constitution & Management qualified lawyer


Qualified Legal and Financial Advisor who is skilled in international affairs


International business lawyer with Professional skills

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